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About Us

Netsyms Technologies is a small business in Helena Montana. As you can see, we're pretty good at building and running websites. We can build you a top-tier, professional website and run it for you for just $500.

Why You Need a Website

If you have a small business but you don't have a website, you're missing out on new customers who want to learn about your company before committing. Having a Facebook page just doesn't cut it when you want new customers.

What We Do

Website Design

We can build you a website that looks amazing on everything from a phone to a big-screen TV. Starting at $500, including domain and one year of hosting.

Website Hosting and Management

You don't need the stress of keeping your website secure and working. We use custom, in-house technology to build extremely secure and fast-loading websites. When you need changes to your site, just send us an email and we'll get it done right.

Open Source

How we deliver high quality without high cost.

Open source refers to software that is not kept secret or owned by a single corporation. We use open source tools to build open source websites and apps on top of open standards.

Open source...

  • is better for security
    Open code means anyone can find and fix flaws.
  • has more freedom
    You can do almost whatever you want with open source.
  • has lower costs
    Open source software is typically available at no charge, reducing costs at all levels.
  • fosters faster development
    Building on a foundation of tested code reduces time wasted reinventing the wheel.
  • increases future-proofing
    Because there aren't any secrets, anyone can maintain an open source project, even if the creator is gone.
  • improves humanity
    Open source software is accessible to everyone, regardless of country or wealth.

Open source software runs your phone, your computer, the core infrastructure of the Internet, and maybe even your car.

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